'Binnelanders', '7de Laan', and 'Getroud Met Rugby' actors return to work

'Binnelanders', '7de Laan', and 'Getroud Met Rugby' actors return to work

'Binnelanders', '7de Laan', and 'Getroud Met Rugby' actors are back on set - and they explained how it feels.

Getroud Met Rugby
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South Africa's film and TV industry got the green-light to reopen, but it won't be business as usual. The television production industry is only allowed to operate under strict guidelines and regulations during Level 4 of the lockdown.

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The country's film and TV industry were frozen to a standstill for over five weeks during the lockdown. The government announced earlier this month that actors and staff can now go back to work. 

Ben Kruger as 'Oom Okkie' in 'Binnelanders', KB Motsilanyane as 'Lesedi' in '7de Laan', and Sean van Noordwyk as 'Reitz' in 'Getroud Met Rugby' joined the Scenic Drive to share how it feels to be back in the studio and working.

Ben Kruger

"We started shooting last week Friday on the public holiday.

"Everything is different. We only have two entrances, you must wear a mask and they test your temperature. We eat in shifts - it's so different.

"Scenes are being re-written. We can't hug or kiss other actors on set," Kruger.

KB Motsilanyane 

"We are back on set. We have to check-in with security every day. If your temperature is too high - you go into a room and then they will take it from there.

"Our production went all out to make it comfortable for all. If we are uncomfortable with anything - we must speak up," Motsilanyane.

Sean van Noordwyk 

"There is a minimum of crew members - we also don't have extras anymore.

"There is now a reason for us to wake up again, Van Noordwyk. 

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