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Burglar breaks in - and break dances - at a California law firm

A homeless man in Fresno, California celebrated his successful break-in with a short breakdance - a stunt that was caught on camera. 

To ensure that your robbery goes according to plan, you need two things: the right keys and the right moves. Dance moves, that is. 

A man who has since been identified as David Seale was caught in the act as he broke into a law firm in Fresno, California. According to local reports, David went in and out of the building several times using stolen keys. He took a laptop and various other items.

David is totally unbothered by the prospect of being caught as he puts down a bag and starts to break dance. Yes, that's right: the robber is so proud of his loot that he takes the time to do a small celebratory jig. 

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David, who was arrested near the law firm shortly after the laptop was reported stolen, has a number of outstanding warrants and tried to provide a false name to the police. 

How David, who the police suspect is homeless, got access to the keys remains a mystery. 

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