Caitlin Rooskrantz: South African star making history in gymnastics

Caitlin Rooskrantz: South African star making history in gymnastics

Caitlin Rooskrantz from Johannesburg has made history by becoming the first South African to win a gold medal at an international gymnastics competition. 

Caitlin Rooskrants
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The Scenic Drive is all about people with inspirational stories - and this young girl is absolutely amazing!

Seventeen-year-old Caitlin Rooskrantz recently made history when she scooped a gold medal and became the first South African to win at an international gymnastics competition.

Rooskrantz started gymnastics at age six after her family friends recommended it as she was always jumping on the furniture.

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The Grade 12 learner from Parktown Girls' High works very hard and constantly tried to focus on her schoolwork while working on her gymnastics goals.

Rooskrantz joined the Scenic Drive with Rian to share more about her accomplishments and her journey leading up to the 2020 Olympics games.

"I started at the age of 6. I was very busy and my parents decided to let me do gymnastics," she said.

"I'm going to the Olympics. We do get support but there is not a lot of support from the country. Some people don't even know about the sport. 

"I train so hard to be the best but we don't get the same credit for it. It can be demotivating but it also forces me to work harder." 

Jacaranda FM's Renaldo Schwarp visited Caitlin Rooskrantz at the Johannesburg Gymnastics Center. 


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