Carli and Luca give educational lessons on YouTube

Carli and Luca give educational lessons on YouTube

Need some educational help for your little one? Carli and Luca to the rescue!

Carli & Luca Moss
Supplied: Carli & Luca Moss

Two months ago, Carli and her little brother Luca Moss started their own YouTube channel where they give educational lessons to other kids. 

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The duo give lessons on world leaders like Nelson Mandela and all the different dinosaurs. There is nothing they can't teach your little ones about.

Carli and Luca are the definition of tomorrow's world leaders. 

Carli, Luca and their mother, Elani Moss joined the Scenic Drive to talk about the cute innovative they started.

"We have been making videos for the past two months. I've made a lot of videos."

"My brother also makes videos. I first do the work at school, and then I make the videos after two weeks."

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