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Jaco Buys, friend of the Scenic Drive, was always up for sharing wildlife knowledge with us

Decorated South African ranger and friend of the Scenic Drive Jaco Buys spoke to us frequently this year, always readily sharing his knowledge of wildlife with the listeners. 

jaco buys
Facebook/Jaco Buys

Jaco Buys, celebrated South African game ranger and good friend of The Scenic Drive with Rian, has several prestigious awards under his belt, including the award for Best Safari Guide of 2016 from the Field Guide Association of South Africa (FGASA).

In 2017, Jaco announced that he was battling colon cancer. 
Friends and family immediately rallied around him, even setting up a Facebook page to show their support for the beloved wildlife expert. 

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In a heartwarming show of kindness and support, Francois van Coke and Albert Frost of Blood Brothers dedicated their live performance to Jaco. 

The song is called "Toe Vind Ek Jou", and brought tears to Jaco's eyes. 

In May this year, Jaco and his family announced that they had made it through the darkest times: after three months of chemotherapy, Jaco was cancer free.

To show that he was recovering and ready to get back to work, Jaco agreed to answer some of our listeners' burning questions about wildlife. Listen to what he had to say below. 

Armed with these tidbits, you're sure to enjoy your family holiday at any of South Africa's national parks so much more!

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