Christmas Grinch vs Christmas Elf: Which one are you?

Christmas Grinch vs Christmas Elf: Which one are you?

Do you hate or love Christmas? The Scenic Drive invited the biggest hater and lover of Christmas onto the show.

Christmas Grinch vs Christmas Lover: Which one are you?
Jacaranda FM/ Eileen van der Spuy and Marné Jacobs

In 42 days, the world will be celebrating Christmas day. 

A week ago, the 'Queen Of Christmas', Mariah Carey, announced that it is time for Christmas. 

The 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' singer shared a video where she announced that it is officially time for Christmas.

WATCH: Mariah Carey says "it's time" for Christmas

Shops, shopping centres, and malls are decorated with Christmas decorations already. But does everyone love Christmas?

The Scenic Drive's Rian van Heerden and Philicity Reeken hate Christmas, while Joe Mann loves it. 

The Scenic Drive team invited their biggest Christmas hater, Eileen van der Spuy and lover, Marné Jacobs share their stories as to why they hate and love the red and white festive time respectively. 

"What is there not to hate about Christmas? I also hate the music and the overpriced presents," Van Der Spuy.

"It's a time for family. I love to cook for my family. I have two trees - one inside the house and one outside the house," Jacobs.

Our Christmas Elf, Marné Jacobs couldn't convince Eileen van der Spuy to love Christmas, but with the help of Joe Mann, Van Der Spuy donated to SPAR Carols by Candlelight presented by Jacaranda FM. 

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