Corlea Botha breaks her silence
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Corlea Botha breaks her silence

Afrikaans singer and songwriter, Corlea Botha broke her silence on Instagram after the viral photo scare.

Corlea Botha breaks her silence
Instagram / Corlea Botha

After she left her fans confused and concerned, Corlea finally addressed the situation of her photo with a bruised face. 

After she shared the photo on her social media platforms, many people speculated that it might be make-up or an awareness campaign. Many people were also angry about the fact that it might be for a new song or album. The worst part was that nobody knew what was actually going on. 

Jacaranda FM contacted her spokesperson for more details. He added that "It was a very hectic time for Corlea, but she is safe with her family and close friends."

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Corlea posted a new photo on her Instagram on Thursday afternoon, where she addressed the issue. The photo was a marketing tool to advertise her new project,  awareness for abuse to women. Corlea started the caption of the photo, "Ja. Ek was voorheen in 'n abusive verhouding." 

On Friday the singer will publish her new project. 

Rian and the team weighed in on the issue and said that they are disappointed in her. 

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