Crazy man eats McNuggets with a fork

Crazy man eats McNuggets with a fork

A video of a man eating McDonald's with a fork has made internet users angry, worried and scared. 

man eats mcnuggets

Fast-food lovers on the internet are outraged by a video of a man eating McNuggets with a fork. 

The man was recorded using a plastic fork to pick up his nuggets, dipping each into sauce before eating it. He did the same with the fries. 

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Social media users who have seen the video are absolutely horrified by the man's eating habits, saying he is in need of some lessons about how fast food works. 


Apparently, eating at McDonald's with a fork is a clear sign that the man is struggling with serious issues.

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Considering that forks are not even provided to patrons at McDonald's, the man must be in the habit of walking around with his own cutlery. 

Did he make a mistake by attempting to make a McDonald's snack into a classy affair?

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