'Cuddle curtain' innovation warms hearts worldwide

'Cuddle curtain' innovation warms hearts worldwide

A man created a 'cuddle curtain' to hug his grandma safely during the Covid-19 pandemic - and it's the most beautiful gesture ever. 

Cuddle Curtain
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The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in strict lockdowns and social distancing rules, meaning we're not able to see our family and friends. 

The only way to see and spend time with our loved ones - is through phone calls and video calls. 

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One desperate man from the United Kingdom wanted to hug his grandma and came up with a brilliant idea, and in the process reduced people all over the world to tears with his thoughtfulness.

The man created a 'cuddle curtain' that allows him to hug his grandma without risking her life, as well as his. According to SkyNews, the plastic curtain with shoulder-length sleeves was first tested on his wife to ensure that it is 100% safe before risking a visit to his grandparents. 

Watch the beautiful moment below - and never take your loved ones for granted. 

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