Dallas Oberholzer: From Janet Jackson's chauffeur to SA's oldest Olympian

Dallas Oberholzer: From Janet Jackson's chauffeur to SA's oldest Olympian

Dallas Oberholzer has reached the peak of his much-loved sport, making his debut as a 46-year-old Olympian.

Dallas Oberholzer
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The 46-year-old Olympic skateboarder, Dallas Oberholzer made history for being iconic singer Janet Jackson's chauffeur and South Africa's oldest Olympian. 

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Oberholzer never had a proper job. He once worked for Janet Jackson as her personal chauffeur, but when he walked into a Zulu village with his skateboard, he started teaching tricks to the children.

When Oberholzer was younger, he never imagined going to the Olympics, especially not at his age. 

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“When I chose skateboarding over mainstream sports everybody would look at me like a freak.

"It’s great to see skateboarding on this world stage and I’m super happy to show the world that skateboarding is here. It’s a beautiful thing.”

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Oberholzer believes skateboarding is the most integrated activity in South Africa and it’s high time the government embraced it.

"There’s no need for racial quotas in skateboarding. It’s naturally the way it is. I know my successors will be of colour and I know they will be here soon.”

Dallas Oberholzer visited the Scenic Drive to talk about his love for skateboarding.

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