David Barnard lets his feet do the talking for charity

David Barnard lets his feet do the talking for charity

David Barnard has built a reputation for himself as a desert runner. He talks to Rian about his world travels and why he does this special kind of charity work. 

David Barnard Sangonet
Jacaranda FM/David Barnard has been participating in walks for charity for many years.

David Barnard has been challenging himself to complete "multi-stage desert foot races" since 2010. To date, he has completed nine such races, including the Big Red Run in Australia's Simpson Desert. 

David has travelled to many destinations, among them the Kalahari, the Sahara, the Gobi and the Grand Canyon, walking to raise awareness and funds for special causes. 

david barnard in the village

But what on earth sparked David's interest in running? Well, it all goes back to a night in 1999, when David lost a bet against his wife. She told him he couldn't possibly get up and run the Comrades Marathon - but he did it. It was tough, because David is by no means a professional runner. But he finished with 11 minutes to spare and from then on the running bug would not leave him alone. 

With desert runs, David and others participating in the race have an itinerary set up for them over several days. 

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