Did Adele cause the worldwide social media outage?

Did Adele cause the worldwide social media outage?

WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram experienced a massive and lengthy worldwide outage - and many people think Adele caused it...


On Monday, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram were affected by a massive outage worldwide. 

Facebook's family of apps essentially "disappeared" from the internet for several hours after a traffic routing problem that made the sites unreachable by users, according to Cloudflare, a website security company.

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Facebook late on Monday blamed a major outage across its platforms on configuration changes it made to routers that coordinate network traffic between its data centers.

But this is not what some people think - especially not Adele's fans. 

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The multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Adele changed her social media cover images to a blueish template. 

Within minutes fans around the world claimed that the singer will soon be releasing her brand new and long-awaited album. 

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Social media accounts for Adele on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube all switched to the matching style, with a website encouraging fans to register for updates.

Over the past weekend, billboards with the number 30 written on them began to appear around the world, which fans immediately connected to a new album. 

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Adele herself joked about releasing an album titled '30' a few years ago when she posted an Instagram caption celebrating her 31st birthday.

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