Did you lose your diamond wedding ring at Sandton City?
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Did you lose your diamond wedding ring at Sandton City?

A diamond wedding ring was found inside a restroom at Johannesburg's Sandton City shopping mall. A good Samaritan is searching desperately for the owner. 

cheyenne ring

Cheyenne Grobler may have considered herself incredibly lucky to have picked up an abandoned piece of expensive jewellery. She could pawn it for a decent amount of money and enjoy a great festive season. 

But instead of thinking about cashing in, Grobler immediately worried about how the owner of the wedding ring she found in a restroom at Sandton City must be feeling. She posted a picture of the ring on social media, asking for anyone who knows the owner to come forward. 

The post has been shared more than 12,000 times in the past three days. Many are praising Grobler for being a good person and doing the right thing by trying to get the ring back where it belongs. 

According to TimesLIVE, a European citizen has been in touch with Sandton City claiming that they have lost a ring. The dates on which the ring was lost and then found by Grobler need to be matched before the claimant can receive the ring. The manager of Nelson Mandela Square's lost and found department will put Grobler in touch with the potential owners of the ring. 

Grobler says one couple called to say the ring belonged to them, but failed to describe it accurately and could therefore not prove ownership. There is reportedly one distinct characteristic of the ring that only the real owner would be able to reveal. 

While the search continues, Grobler is keeping the ring safe in a jewellery box that once belonged to her grandmother. She will not listen to anyone who suggests that she should give away or sell the ring: "I do hope that the post reaches enough people so the owner can be found. I will keep it for however long I need to. I will never sell nor give it away because it does not belong to me. [sic]"

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