'Die Byl' is back for a fourth season

'Die Byl' is back for a fourth season

Viewers can look forward to 10 episodes of nail-biting action with the fourth season of 'Die Byl'.

Die Byl
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The new season of 'Die Byl' will definitely keep viewers guessing and there will once again be loads of gruesome moments.

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There will be, as with the previous season, ten double episodes, with each investigation stretching over two episodes. In each episode, Byl and his team will be on the trail of a serial killer; however, there will be an overarching storyline through the entire season: a psychopath with a wide circle of influential people in a stranglehold.

The cast returning for the fourth season includes Waldemar Schultz (Byl), Marvin-Lee Beukes (Juan Stuurman), Milan Murray (Nicki Swanepoel), Trudy van Rooy (Shani Stuurman), and Lika Berning (Lena Stuurman). They have to pick up the broken pieces after the death of their colleague, Fritz Barnard (Eric Nobbs).

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The versatile South African actor, Sean Cameron Michael, also known for his roles in international series such as 'Black Sails' and 'MacGyver', will portray the role of Vermeer, the villain of the season. Frank Rautenbach and Amalia Uys will also be part of the cast, but viewers will have to watch to find out more about the characters they portray.

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Some of the other actors that will be seen in the fourth season of 'Die Byl' are Elizabeth Archer, Gerben Kamper, Andhar Cotton, and Chris van Niekerk.

The producers are Leon Kruger and Liezl Spies. This was also the last series Leon worked on, as he passed away early in 2021. He was also the head writer.

*'Die Byl' season 4 will air on kykNET (DStv channel 144) from Sunday 16 January at 20:00. It will also be available on DStv Catchup.

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