Do you remember this from Orkney Snork Nie?

Do you remember this from Orkney Snork Nie?

Every now and again we need a little blast from the past and Orkney Snork Nie is definitely a great memory.

Orkney Snork Nie
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Orkney Snork Nie was a popular Afrikaans sitcom, in South Africa between 1989 and 1992. 

The name translates directly into Orkney Doesn't Snore, but the message being conveyed in Afrikaans is that the town isn't sleepy, there's always something happening. 

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Today on the Scenic Drive. Rian had, Sally Campher and Frank Opperman or you might know them better as Yollie and Ouboet!

Rian got them to do the most famous line from the show. Does this bring back good memories for you?

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