Does a big age-gap in a relationship actually matter? Couple explains

Does a big age-gap in a relationship actually matter? Couple explains

Couples with a large age gap between them often get people to look twice. Rian van Heerden found out from couples if age really matters. 

Large Age Gap
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Rian van Heerden recently realised that there is a lot of couples with a large age gap between them. 

According to Mind The Gap, heterosexual couples have an average age gap of 8%.  For same-sex couples, the percentage of a large age gap between partners is much larger. 

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The study also found that the relationship satisfaction reported by big age-gap couples is higher. These couples also seem to have greater trust and commitment and lower jealousy than couples who are of similar age.

Rian van Heerden invited some couples with a big age gap between to explain why their relationship works. 

Marinda (34) and Ricardo Venter (57) have known each other for 18 years and have been married for the last nine years. The couple differs in age by 23 years.

Marinda told The Scenic Drive team that she was 15 when she first met her husband. He was 37. Ricardo added that they hit it off right away. "After our first meeting, we started chatting and we met on a regular basis," Ricardo added.

Ricardo told the team that having children also plays a big role when dating with a big age-gap. "I have three children out of my (Ricardo) previous marriage, and my one child is the same age as Marinda," he said.

"At the end of the day, our relationship is working and we are happy."

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