The Dorfling kids had an unforgettable 'first day' in the Scenic Cruizer
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The Dorfling kids had an unforgettable 'first day' in the Scenic Cruizer

We kicked off the 2018 Scenic Cruizer roster with a family of four who wanted to make the first day of school memorable.

eben and kruger
Corlé Dorfling

On the first day of school, especially if you are starting Grade 1, you want everything to go smoothly. 

Most times, despite having a full uniform and a friendly teacher, little ones burst into tears when they realise that their parents are going to leave them behind for the entire day. 

But if you can somehow manage to make a grand entrance at your school, it's possible that you'll forget all the anxiety and focus on how all your new friends and classmates wish they could be as cool as you are. 

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That's what happened with Kendra and Kruger Corfling of Kempton Park when their parents Corlé and Eben drove them up to school in the iconic Scenic Cruizer.

kruger and kendra
Corlé Dorfling
Corlé Dorfling

This was surely an exciting first day of school!

Do you want your turn in the Scenic Cruizer next? Simply email [email protected] and tell Rian why you want the car for a day.

If the Cruizer Captain, Johannes, approves your request, then you are on your way!

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