Douglas Gibson stops by the Scenic Drive studios

Douglas Gibson stops by the Scenic Drive studios

Douglas Gibson has had a successful career in South African politics, and in recent years he has transitioned to doing work as a keynote speaker and writer. This evening he is in conversation with Rian. 

Douglas Gibson

Douglas Gibson, a qualified attorney, held a position as Opposition Chief Whip in Parliament for several years. He became known as a fierce debater who was not afraid to speak the truth when everyone else would rather keep quiet.  

Douglas was appointed as the South African Ambassador to Thailand in 2008, and has held the office for four years. He also devotes time to writing and public speaking engagements.  

Douglas remembers the time he spent in Thailand fondly and says that even though the circumstances of those arrested for drug trafficking were dire, he found a way to see the humanity in the prisoners. 

As a seasoned politician who has watched South Africa's evolution over the years, Douglas says he has a 'definitive opinion' on what will happen to President Jacob Zuma. Douglas believes the President is likely to resign, because 'it has been made clear that they do not want him there'. 

Commenting on the general state of politics in South Africa, Douglas Gibson says 'it is impossible for one party to be in power for a generation, and still be expected to rule properly.'

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