Dr Eugene Botha is about to make history with a very unique capsule

Dr Eugene Botha is about to make history with a very unique capsule

Do you want to put something meaningful, expensive or interesting away for the next 100 years?  Well, Dr Eugene Botha has the answer for you!

Dr. Eugene Botha is about to make history with a very unique capsule
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Dr Eugene Botha worked for 20 years as a professor at UNISA. In 2010, he started his own production company, Blue Marble. The company creates content for Carte Blanche, SABC, Mnet and Via. Dr Botha has since won two SAFTAS, Legal Journalist of Year, an American Silver Screen award, and many more for his outstanding work. 

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Now, Dr Botha is about to make history with a very unique capsule, the Vault 2120. 

Vault 2120 is a unique social, historical, and scientific experiment to create a secure, airtight, and waterproof underground vault where individuals, companies, brands, and institutions will be able to securely deposit artefacts, documents, art works, information, music, technologies, and personal or family items in individual containers, also known as Time Capsules.

The idea is to preserve a slice of the early 21st century for future generations.

The Vault will be built to withstand the toughest conditions and will be buried at least two metres underground. It will be opened in November 2120 – a full 101 years later. 

However, the big question is: what should I put in my capsule?

What you put in the capsule is completely up to you, but bear in mind that it should be items that would be relevant, interesting or significant to people 100 years from now. Your options are really endless. 

A scientist, for instance, could deposit air and water samples for future scientists to study. Historians and academics might want to include writings that shaped the society we live in. Cultural groups could preserve artefacts and scripture for future generations.

Or you could make your time capsule quite personal. You could put in secret documents that could only be safely revealed in 100 years time. A family could preserve items relating to their family history.

You could also deliver the things that you’ve created to the future - like an invention that is ahead of its time, or a brandy or wine that will last 100 years!

Dr Botha joins Rian and the Scenic Drive team to talk about his new project:

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