Dr Reza Mia has developed a luxury 'vertical jet'

Dr Reza Mia has developed a luxury 'vertical jet'

Dr Reza Mia is a top South African aesthetic surgeon who made a name for himself in the world of celebrity beauty. Now, he turns his talents to aviation. 

dr reza mia
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Dr Reza Mia is an innovator. In the field of aesthetic surgery, he keeps on learning and acquiring new skills and now, with the development of the Pegasus Vertical Business Jet, Dr Mia is changing the face of aviation in South Africa.

It may seem like quite a leap for a doctor to start designing and flying planes, but Dr Mia says the "science, physics and art behind aesthetics" that made the transition from surgery to aviation easy. 

The Pegasus VBS is not yet complete, but simulations of what the flight will look like are available. With funding from certain key stakeholders, Dr Mia hopes to launch the Pegasus VBS in the next three years. 

For now, he still sees up to 20 patients a day at his practice in Houghton, Anti-Aging Art Medical Aesthetics. He shared some insider information about the kinds of non-invasive aesthetic procedures he and his colleagues offer. 

Dr Mia continues to raise the benchmark for excellence in every field he ventures into. He left the Scenic Drive team feeling inspired to take forgotten dreams off the backburner and make them a reality. 

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