Have you written your "digital will" yet?

Scenic Drive with Rian: Have you written your "digital will" yet?

To preserve your selfies and texts when you are no longer alive, consider getting a "digital will".

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It is 2017, and we are well into the digital age. Technology and the internet are such big parts of our lives that it is not completely unheard of for people to write up “digital wills” for themselves. 

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Most of the messages, pictures, and videos that we have stored on our phones are memories that we cherish, but without physical photo albums or video tapes, how can we be sure that these memories will be preserved?

This is where the idea of appointing someone to take care of your social media accounts after you have died comes in.

Facebook and Instagram give users the option of appointing someone who can maintain the account after its owner’s death, similar to a “digital grave”. This way, existing followers can continue to receive updates from the account. 

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Some users will choose to give someone access to the account so that they can delete it after they are gone.

For those of us who can't bear the idea of our pictures and messages being lost or neglected after we die, the idea of a "digital will" is comforting.

Would you give someone access to your social media accounts so they can maintain them after you die?

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