Eat this 3000-year-old cheese at your own risk

Eat this 3000-year-old cheese at your own risk

Archaeologists working in Egypt unearthed an age-old block of cheese - and now people want to taste it. 

Archaeologists working on a dig in Egypt unearthed a 3,300-year-old block of cheese from the tomb of Ptahmes, who was once the mayor of Egypt's capital city. 

The archaeologists "found broken jars filled with a mysterious solid white substance as well as a fabric that might have been used to cover the jars", and an analysis of the substance revealed that it had proteins consistent with those found in cheese.

But that does not mean it is safe to eat. Like most things found inside an ancient tomb, the cheese has decayed considerably and is now laced with a deadly bacteria called Brucella melitensis.

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Of course, people on the internet are asking "what's the worst that could happen?" and speculating about eating a chunk of the age-old cheese. 

The archaeologists will likely not allow anyone to get their hands on the hazardous dairy snack, but that hasn't stopped people with a flair for the macabre for fantasising about eating it. 

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