The Scenic Drive celebrates Women's Month: Sonja Herholdt

The Scenic Drive celebrates Women's Month: Sonja Herholdt

Sonja Herholdt became an overnight success and today she is seen as one of the most talented singers in our country. 

Sonja Herholdt
Jacaranda FM

From a small town in Gauteng to a legendary Afrikaans singer - Sonja Herholdt needs no introduction. 

At the age of three, she performed the Afrikaans lullaby 'Slaap, My Kindjie.'

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Her breakthrough came when she did a spot on Gwynneth Ashley Robin's show and was soon asked to record 'Ek Verlang Na Jou.' The single went gold in South Africa, selling over 25 000 copies.

Her incredible career in the music industry earned her multiple awards and nominations.

Sonja Herholdt joined Rian van Heerden to talk about her journey in the music industry. 

"Ek Verlang Na Jou, was first played on Jacaranda FM for the first," Sonja Herholdt.

She shared six lessons that she learned during her career. 

  1. Be unique. Uniqueness is very important. 
  2. Follow your dream.
  3. Work extremely hard.
  4. Humble. 'If you become god, God walks out of the room' - Rob Thomas
  5. Content is very important.
  6. Believe in yourself. 

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