Emotional animated video of how lions are raised and killed

Emotional animated video of how lions are raised and killed

Born Free released an emotional video of how lions are raised, killed, and not in the slightest 'born free' - watch below.

Born Free Lions
Born Free

The cruel hunting and killing of lions is a flourishing business in South Africa.

More than 8,000 lions are in breeding facilities and are exploited for profit at every stage of their lives. 

Paying volunteers are recruited to help hand-raise captive-bred lion cubs, on the false premise that they will be released into the wild as part of a lion conservation initiative. 

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Tourists pay to take selfies while petting cute cubs or walking with lions. 

Ultimately, many of the lions will be transferred to hunting facilities to be shot by paying trophy hunters, and their bones and other body parts will be sold into local and international trade.

Born Free, a movement to stop the killing of lions, released an animated video where they portray the lives of many lions until they get killed. 

In the video, a young lion is raised by a woman. She sets him free into the wild as a big boy, however, his ending is tragic. 

She meets up with him again, and as the lion runs towards her, he gets brutally shot.

A tourist will then thank her and pay her to take a selfie with the dead lion. 


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