England man's astonishing weight loss after McDonald's-only diet

England man's astonishing weight loss after McDonald's-only diet

Ryan Williams from Cheltenham, England ate nothing but McDonald's for one month and lost seven kilograms. 

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Ryan Williams set out to disprove filmmaker Morgan Spurlock's findings (as documented in the controversial Supersize Me) that eating McDonald's for a month was bad for your health. Williams, a postman from Cheltenham, England, believed that he could follow the same diet and have positive results.

It's all about the calorie intake, he says: "I’m not suggesting that eating just McDonald’s is a healthy way of living, but I wanted to show that it’s purely a calorie game, as opposed to the types of food you eat."

He ate the recommended amount of calories for an adult man (2,500) for most of the month and added one element that was notably missing from Spurlock's experiment: he spent one hour working out at the gym five mornings a week. Williams lost nearly seven kilograms at the end of his month-long experiment. 

Williams saw the challenge as a fun way of getting back to his old habits of exercising regularly and watching his calorie intake, things which he had allowed to fall by the wayside in recent years. 

He ate everything on the McDonald's menu at least once, just as Spurlock did in the original experiment. He says he did not get bored of any of the items.

Medical experts have since weighed in Williams' experiment and warned that there are not nearly enough nutrients in fast food to make it viable as part of a healthy diet: "Having a fish burger once a month, or a salad made up predominantly of iceberg lettuce will not achieve the nutrient density that our bodies crave and require for overall health and wellness."

What Williams did prove, however, is that exercise and calorie control are important factors in the weight loss process. 

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