What is snail farming? The Scenic Drive team finds out

What is snail farming? The Scenic Drive team finds out

The Scenic Drive team is always up for a challenge to learn. But snail farming? That's something new...

Snail Farming

The Scenic Drive team is known for taking up challenges - and they are not afraid to test out new things. 

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The team invited snail farmers Stanley and Heather Micallef from Stanley Snails to the studio to share more about this incredible species - and the benefits they have. 

"We farm with the garden snails. You can collect snails anywhere. It's free. The snails you get in the restaurants is not eaten by South Africans. 

"We want restaurants to use the South African garden snails - it's better in taste. Some people do eat it - and we sell it online and on the farmers market."

Rian van Heerden, Philicity Reeken, and Joe Mann also ate some live on air. 

"It's not bad. I must maybe get used to it," Philicity Reeken.

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