‘A taxi taking the impala is fake news’ – SANParks spokesperson

‘Everything above board with taxi taking the impala’ – SANParks

SANPark’s Ike Phaahla has explained to Rian van Heerden what exactly happened at the Kruger National Park over the weekend. 

Impala SANPArks

The world-renowned Kruger National Park (KNP) offers the best wildlife experience in South Africa.


The latest video from the KNP has gone viral after a leopard killed an impala in the middle of the road on the H7. 

The leopard got a big fright and ran away. However, a group of people came around and loaded the impala into a minibus taxi.

The question on everyone’s lips after the weekend is, ‘Who are the people who took the carcass away’?


Rian van Heerden spoke to SANPark’s Ike Phaahla, who explained that everything was above board.

"It was a Saturday. The rangers were driving on Saturday, nobody told them a leopard killed it and took the impala as per their mandate and handed it over to the Satara corporal. A taxi taking an impala is fake news".

Listen to the full conversation below.

Watch the video below:

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