'Extreme embalming' allows you to attend your funeral in style
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'Extreme embalming' allows you to attend your funeral in style

A Louisiana funeral home has become famous for its 'extreme embalming' services, which allow family members to immortalise their loved ones in personalised ways. 

Planning your own funeral is a macabre thing. Nobody enjoys thinking about their own death, inevitable though it may be. Funeral policies are often confusing and the idea of leaving all your loved ones behind is too much to bear. 

So, what if you were able to add a bit of fun to your funeral planning?

Louisiana's Charbonnet Labat Funeral Home prides itself on giving people in mourning all the resources they need to send their loved ones off with dignity. But there is something special about this family-run business which has become an institution in the state since it was first established in the nineteenth century. 

Aside from the standard caskets, memorial services and cremations, Charbonnet Labat also offers "extreme embalming". Most recently, the funeral home has been in the news for staging a wake in which a deceased 18-year-old was embalmed, dressed up and placed in a setting that best represented his life before his death: in a lounge chair, playing video games. 

Temeka Matthews, the mother of 18-year-old Renard, says the family wanted to remember their son as the "homebody" that he was

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Embalming itself is an age-old practice, but the charm of the service offered by Charbonnet Labat lies in the great lengths the specialists go to in order to personalise the experience.

From manicures to favourite outfits, all the way to favourite foods and accessories for the embalmed person, the staff at Charbonnet Labat do their best to preserve not only the body but the memory of the dearly departed. 

Will you be including "extreme embalming" in your funeral plan?

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