Family pleads for help for captured Gerco van Deventer

Family pleads for help for captured Gerco van Deventer

In 2017, Gerco van Deventer was captured by unknown Libyan factions - and his family is in desperate need to rescue him. 

Paramedic Plea: The Story of Gerco van Deventer

Gert Jacobus (Gerco) van Deventer, South African born paramedic, husband and father of three is currently held hostage by unknown Libyan factions. 

For the past 531 days, his family has been silent about his kidnapping as a precaution for his safety.

On the 24th of March 2019, the Rapport newspaper made the news public. The van Deventer family felt it appropriate to share his story and ask for help in this journey to return Gerco to his home and loved ones.

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According to his sister, Charlé van Deventer, they need a lot of money to rescue her brother from hostage. 

Van Deventer (43) was unemployed for a while until an old friend offered him a one-month contract in Lybia as a paramedic. On Friday 3 November 2017, Van Deventer was captured while he and three other men were travelling to an airport in Ubari.   

His family joined Rian and the team to share his emotional story. They are in desperate need to get Gerco safe home. 

The family need loyal support in sharing his story and plea as widely as possible. The family also need big-hearted and generous donations.

They will use the funds to help get Gerco home and then to assist in him re-building his life.

A video of Gerco was released on social media by the family, pleading for help from friends and the government. 


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