Family starts band after the tragic death of their father

Family starts band after the tragic death of their father

A mother and her two sons started making music after she lost her husband, and the two boys lost their beloved father. 

2ndLife Band
Jacaranda FM/ 2nd Life Band

Liezel Boonzaier was in the corporate world until the tragic death of Richard, her husband. 

Music was her only escape. As a passionate musician from an early age, it was easy to just pick up music again and capture emotions in words and strings. 

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But she never thought it would be her full-time career 10-years later. Liezel motivated both of the children, Kirsten Richard and Kyle Joshua, from an early age to play an instrument, so after the death of their father, the children began to vent all their emotions in music. 

Liezel remarried five-years ago and 2ndLife band was born. Gerrit Boonzaier, Liezel's now husband, was Kirsten's guitar and singing teacher. So, they became a house of music. 

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2ndLife school of music was started in Pretoria. It is a coaching school for beginners to advanced musicians. The music school also arranges regular performances for students, makes videos of them and supports the students with their first step into the music industry. 

2ndLife has, meanwhile, expanded from a rock band to 2ndLife music school, 2ndLife recording studio, and 2ndLife talent.

Liezel has already given both Kirsten (stage name - Kirsten Richard) and Kyle (stage name - Kyle Joshua) a stage name from birth, knowing in their souls that they will be musicians. 

Watch their performance of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow':

During the lockdown, Kyle took to social media to show off his skills. Martin Bester contacted him to enter the My Kids Rock competition. 

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Kirsten and Kyle perform all over the country. The talented duo and mother joined the Scenic Drive to talk about their talent and their life after the death of their beloved father. 

"When my father passed away, most of the music I wrote came out of that traumatic time," Kirsten said.  

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Photo: Jacaranda FM/ 2ndLife Band

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