Father's Day: Jo Black on being a dad

Father's Day: Jo Black on being a dad

Singer and songwriter, Jo Black, joined the Scenic Drive to talk about fatherhood and what he wants for Father's Day.

Jo Black
Instagram/ Jo Black

Singer and songwriter Jo Black is one of South Africa's most loved performers. 

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Black is also a proud father and loves to express his love for his wife and children through music. 

Father's Day is coming up and the Scenic Drive decided to talk to Jo Black about being a father, how it changed his life and what he really wants for Father's Day. 

"For Father's Day, I expect last-minute plans. Yesterday I asked them what they will get me - and they just stared at me. 

"I will probably have to give them money to buy me something. 

"If I can have anything for Father's Day - I would love to be on stage again. I'm a father and a provider - so I really miss that.

"I have won so many awards - but the biggest award ever is the one against my fridge saying: You are the best dad ever." 

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