Former 'Survivor' winners GiGi and Hykie Berg give determination tips for lockdown

Former 'Survivor' winners GiGi and Hykie Berg give determination tips for lockdown

South Africa is in day 11 of our national lockdown - and many of us are already frustrated with ourselves. Former 'Survivor' winners GiGi and Hykie Berg shared tips on how to be determined during this time. 

GiGi and Hykie Berg
Jacaranda FM/GiGi Instagram/ Hykie Berg

Bored? Frustrated? Irritated? Well, former South African 'Survivor' winners Hykie Berg and Gigi know exactly what you are going through.

In 2010, club owner and dancer GiGi was crowned the winner of 'Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina'.

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GiGi knows exactly how many South Africans are feeling about the current situation. GiGi shared some advice on how to stay positive, determined, and focused for the next two weeks of lockdown. 

"My dancers, cleaners and bartenders are now without work. I paid everyone for this month - but I am not sure how I will pay them for the next month.

"I think this lockdown is worse than 'Survivor' - we have no idea what might happen in the future. 

"Carry on. Carry on with your routine. Keep yourself busy. Start writing. Start doing something creative," GiGi.

In 2011, actor Hykie Berg was announced as the winner of 'Survivor South Africa: Maldives'.

According to the Scenic Drive's Philicity Reeken, who was also a contestant, Berg was one of the best players. 

"He was great. He was good. He was just too good. I was not surprised when he won," Reeken said. 

Berg joined the Scenic Drive with GiGi to share more on how to deal with situations that you don't always have control over. 

"This is the time to live day for day. We can't plan for the future at the moment. We don't have control over the future.

"Stay connected to people. This is the time to be over-connected," Berg. 

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