Living expert Ncumisa Ndelu gets candid on Scenic Drive with Rian!

Living expert Ncumisa Ndelu gets candid on Scenic Drive with Rian!

Ncumisa Ndelu is the founder of the '1 Family 1 Stockpile' Facebook group, where she shares tips and tricks to cut costs.

Ncumisa Ndela

It remains no secret that the South African economy is under insurmountable pressure, and this causes most South Africans to lie under the breadline.

Times are tough and saving and cutting costs must become a compulsory life module for everyone. Frugal living expert Ncumisa Ndelu shares her tips on how to stretch each and every penny.

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'1 Family 1 Stockpile' is a Facebook Community of women established in 2016 to help women learn how to stretch the rand, protect their money, and make better financial decisions through stockpiling.

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Since inception, the group has given birth to two offspring; '1 Baby 1 Stockpile' and 'From RSA to the World'. 

Ndelu gives the following tips for has the following saving tips "Do your homework before you leave your house, so that you know what you are buying. Be loyal to your bank account not to brands. Single ply keeps the plumber away and always substitute your meat with something that has the same nutritional value."

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