Gangster Café: Uplifting and supporting ex-offenders

Gangster Café: Uplifting and supporting ex-offenders

Gangster Café in the Western Cape is Cape Town's first coffee café employing ex-offenders. One of the baristas joined the Scenic Drive on-air to share more about the uplifting business. 

Gangster Cafe
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Gangstar Café is a social enterprise of The Message Trust, an organisation focused on uplifting at-risk youth across the Western Cape.

Gangstar Café is not an ordinary coffee shop. It is a business with the purpose of making a long term social impact whilst providing premium café and venue services to its customers.  

Gangstar Café provides employment, hands-on training and support to ex-offenders and youth who wants to escape gangsterism and crime.

One of the baristas of the café joined the Scenic Drive on-air. 

"Everyone working at the café is ex-offenders. If they are willing to change and to uplift themselves we welcome them to work at the café. 

"Out of desperation and financial reasons I was involved with drugs. I was in prison for five years.

"When I was released from prison, I prayed and asked God to help me. And then I found the Gangster Café.

"People love coming to the café - they feel free to be here. They also love our stories that we can share."

*In 2019, Expresso Show did an interview at Gangster Café - watch below!

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