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Garsfontein man drives off without paying for his petrol

The man drove off from Engen Gerhaldo without paying for his almost R800 worth of petrol. 

car at filling station
The frustrated driver went off without paying./Unsplash/Alwin Kroon

A frustrated man drove off from the Engen in Garsfontein without paying his R753 bill. Clearly this is a sign that the petrol prices are driving people to a breaking point. 

Staff at the garage say that this is not the first time a person has driven off without paying for their petrol. There are some petrol stations in the area who are now demanding that people pay for their petrol before the attendant even pumps it into their tank, similar to what happens in the United States. 

The petrol price seems like an insurmountable burden at the moment. But would you go as far as driving away without paying and effectively stealing the petrol?

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