Get all the chips you can with this 'human claw machine'

Get all the chips you can with this 'human claw machine'

Have you ever felt like you could do a much better job than the claw machine at your local shopping centre?

claw machine

Claw machines are wonderful things. Right behind that glass box lies a myriad of things you just have to have: a watch, a stuffed animal, a fun limited edition snack. If you can control that claw - and if you have luck on your side - you can have it all. 

But what if you had the chance to use your whole body to grab something out of a claw machine?

Lay's in Taiwan took this idea and created a giant claw machine that people could strap themselves into. Each person is lowered into a giant pit full of chips, and they grab as much as they can.

The way Lay's saw it, if people were willing to risk public humiliation to get their hands on some chips, then they would know that their product was a winner amongst the Taiwanese. Watch the human claw machine at work:

This marketing trick combines two really great things: free food and obstacle courses.

How many packets of chips could you pick up if you had your turn in the claw machine?

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