Grandson takes his proud Ouma for a spin in his brand new ride
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Grandson takes his proud Ouma for a spin in his brand new ride

When Jeremeo Le Cordeur got his brand new car, he couldn't wait to show the most important person in the world: his grandma Lydia Truter. 

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Buying your first brand new car is a very proud moment. It's a great achievement that you will want to share with as many people you love as possible. After all, it is those same people who watched you work hard to earn enough money to buy your car who will want their chance to congratulate you on your purchase. 

And, if they're really lucky, they'll also be the first ones to go for a spin on your hot new wheels. For Capetonian artist Jeremeo Le Cordeur, that person is his grandmother, Lydia Truter. 

Le Cordeur tells TimesLIVE: "She [Ouma Lilly] was the first person I wanted to show. She didn't know about the car and I went to her house and told her that I wanted to show her something. She didn't believe me at first and then she insisted I should take her for a drive."

Ouma Lilly is obviously impressed as she walks around the car, inspecting it. She tells her grandson that she approves of his decision: "I am glad that you worked so hard."

Ouma Lilly can't contain her excitement as the two of them drive around. Le Cordeur himself is so happy to have his grandmother share in this memorable moment. 

At the end of the ride, Ouma Lilly gives Le Cordeur some advice: "It's a smart new car. Be careful‚ don't damage the car."

It's moments like these that remind us not only of the value of hard work, but also of the beauty of keeping your family close. 

Image: Jeremeo Le Cordeur

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