Are Halloween trees the new Christmas tree?

Are Halloween trees the new Christmas tree?

Would you celebrate Halloween by putting up a decorated tree in your home?

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It’s October, and that means one thing: Halloween! Lovers of carving pumpkins, classic ghost movies and all things creepy and cool are gearing up to celebrate at the end of this month, and this year there is one new celebration must-have on the list. 

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Halloween trees – similar to Christmas trees, but with a heavy focus on all things magical and hair-raising – have popped up on Instagram. 

The frightfully beautiful creations feature colourful skulls, miniature pumpkins, ghouls, masks and lanterns. 

First ever Halloween tree 👻😈🎃

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What, am I the only person with a Halloween tree? #halloween #halloweentree

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Hot pink Halloween vibes. Is that a hashtag yet? It should be. #halloweenwithjen

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Fir and pine trees have been used by Romans and pagans at different times in history to mark winter festivals. Historically, Christians have placed trees in their homes at Christmas time as a symbol of everlasting life with God. 

Could these spook-tacular Halloween trees become a popular addition to the festive season to-do list soon?

And why shouldn’t people who celebrate Halloween get their own tree? After all, there is no rule that says trees should only be decorated by Christians at Christmas time. 

What do you think: are Halloween trees a dark treat or a foul trick?

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