Have you met 'Farmer Bae'?

Have you met 'Farmer Bae'?

Agriculture and fashion have never come together quite like this.

farmer model

South Africans on the internet have this uncanny ability to turn almost any picture into an incredibly funny meme. 
If Twitter catches you at just the right moment, you could find yourself catapulted into the meme hall of fame. And that's exactly what happened to this farmer.

The image, which appears to be taken from a clothing catalogue, prompted South African Twitter users to imagine a new life for the silver-haired poser. While some were immediately taken by his looks and dubbed him "Baas Bae", others preferred to think of him as the latest Afrikaans indie rap sensation, posing for the cover of his album.

A tweet by @Mlondo, part of the South African Youtube collective We The Net, had users scrambling to list tracks on the farmer/model's upcoming EP. One user even went as far as designing an album cover!

People's guesses were both hilarious and in tune with current affairs. 

With the popularity of this picture, it seems a pity that we don't know which catalogue it is from. Imagine all the advertising the company could cash in on!

What do you think of 'Farmer Bae'? Does he look like someone with a promising career in fashion and music, or is he really just someone's father who was tricked into appearing in a catalogue?

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