How to calm your mind with mentalist Gilan Gork

How to calm your mind with mentalist Gilan Gork

Author, public speaker, and mentalist Gilan Gork joined the Scenic Drive to teach us how to calm your mind.

Gilan Gork
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The world is currently facing a pandemic that has not only caused the deaths of thousands, but is also draining individuals mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

On Sunday, President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation - and mentioned that the country will continue to be on level 3. 

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Visiting friends and family and attending social gatherings are still banned. This has caused a major mental strain on millions. 

Mentalist Gilan Gork creates unique learning experiences that help people unleash their influence. He teaches how to apply a working knowledge of influence and persuasion to real-life practical situations, to be able to lead, sell, negotiate, market, and inspire on a new level.

Gork also focuses on how to calm your mind during a difficult time. 

Gork joined the Scenic Drive to share some advice on how to train your mind and thoughts to be calm during a troublesome time. 

Listen below:

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