#HurricaneHarvey survivor discovers dad is still alive on camera

#HurricaneHarvey survivor discovers dad is still alive on camera

Countless good stories have emerged in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, despite all the bad that has happened. Aaron Mitchell’s story is one of a kind.

Hurricane Harvey survivor learns dad is still alive on camera

Aaron Mitchell had been desperately trying to make contact with his father ever since the deadly storm destroyed his home in Aransas Pass, Texas.

He broke into tears when he found out that his dad was still alive after the storm.

In an interview with CNN, he described the long journey he had been on trying to find his family. He said he walked 12 miles (19km) in the dark to his dad’s house, hoping he would be there, but he wasn’t.

When he caught up with reporters, CNN offered a satellite phone for Mitchell to speak with his father. The video shows Aaron breaking down into tears after hearing his father's voice.

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