"I hate this lockdown - I am alone" - Leon Schuster

"I hate this lockdown - I am alone" - Leon Schuster

Filmmaker Leon Schuster confessed to the Scenic Drive that he is alone and can't stand the national lockdown. 

Leon Schuster
Facebook/ Leon Schuster

After a few quiet years, the South African comedian released his film, 'Frank & Fearless', in 2018.

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And now, two years later, during a global pandemic and a lockdown, Schuster has released a catchy parody song about masks. 

Schuster joined the Scenic Drive for a telephonic interview - to talk about his parody song and the national lockdown. 

"I can't stand it anymore. I hate it - I am alone," Schuster confessed to Rian van Heerden. 

Schuster further mentioned that he goes for walks every morning. 

"I go for walks every morning but I don't go anywhere. I just go to the shop and back.

"The only person I see is my helper."

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