'I never wanted to enter Idols' - Bianca Le Grange
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'I never wanted to enter Idols' -Bianca Le Grange

Singer, pianist, violinist and actress Bianca Le Grange made her music debut after she competed in the reality TV show Idols. 

'I never wanted to enter Idols' -Bianca Le Grange
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She is an accomplished musician, who completed her schooling at The National School of the Arts, where she studied both classical and contemporary music.

Bianca was born in Kimberly but grew up in Bushkoppies in Johannesburg.

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As a young girl, Bianca did ballet, modern and Spanish dancing. After matric, she toured the country, as well as Namibia and Botswana, doing charity work.

Bianca got her first taste of music lying on her mother’s lap while her mother was playing the organ in church.

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Her mother Berenice, who was a Maths and Music teacher, has since opted out of the profession and is now Bianca’s manager.

Her career started when she entered Idols, even though she never wanted to enter the competition, her mother and her family forced her to enter.

Today, Bianca needs no introduction.  Her career is growing from strength to strength. 

The Scenic Drive team invited Le Grange to talk about her career and her mother's birthday celebration.

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