#ImStaying Facebook page honours South Africa

#ImStaying Facebook page honours South Africa

#ImStaying Facebook page honours South Africa - and the founder joined Rian van Heerden to talk about why he decided to create the page. 


The #ImStaying Facebook page is dedicated to the South African women and man of all races and all religions, who remain loyal to South Africa. 

The group is to honour all those who still believe that we as a nation can turn things around. 

The Facebook page is for all who choose to stay and work together to save this beautiful country that everyone calls home. 

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All South Africans are welcome to post on the page which inspires and motivates all who lives in the country. 

The page recently went viral after it was invented and has more than 375 000 voices who are willing to change South Africa. 

The founder of the page, Jarett Petzer, joined the Scenic Drive to talk about what inspired him to create this powerful page. 

"There was no plan - I created a group on Facebook for fun - and then this thing became big." 

"South Africans are stuck in a negative space and this page is a breath of fresh air." 

"South Africans want to reach out to each other and I created this platform but now it's driven by South Africa." 


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