Instant family: How ‘destiny’ brought this couple together

Instant family: How ‘destiny’ brought this couple together

After Roxanne and Christian separated from their previous partners - destiny brought them together and they are now a happy instant family. 

Christian and Roxanne
Supplied/ Christian and Roxanne

Ever wondered how some people got together and became an instant family? Roxanne joined the Scenic Drive to talk about her instant family.

When did it start 

Roxanne (33) and her boyfriend Christian (40) moved in together a week ago. According to Roxanne, their story is very strange and a lot of people will roll their eyes when they hear their story. But it's as if fate and destiny brought them together - and they are just meant to be.

Fifteen years ago, Roxanne was 18 and got her first job and Christian was the manager at a family business. 

Roxanne was young and madly in love with him, but he was engaged at the time. Roxanne was new in town, and Christian introduced her to friends and invited her along to social events. 

Christian and Roxanne became best friends and could talk about anything with each other and yet there was a romantic spark between them, but they both just never said anything.

Christian then got married and asked her if she would be his best lady at his wedding. 

At the wedding, Roxanne told Christian she loved him. 

After the wedding

Years later, Roxanne got married and had four children. After she separated from her husband, she received a message on Facebook with a number. She added the person on WhatsApp and it was... Christian. 

"We were in love... immediately."

Instant family

Christian was divorced with two children.

"So, we are now a happy family with four sons and two daughters. 

"We are a team. He makes me feel like a woman and we are meant to be together."

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