"It was an emotional decision" - Kim Kardashian on the final season of 'KUWTK'

"It was an emotional decision" - Kim Kardashian on the final season of 'KUWTK'

One of the world's most successful and iconic families, the Kardashians, are saying farewell after 20 seasons of reality TV.

Kim Kardashian
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In September 2020, the first family of reality television announced that 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' will end with a 20th final season in 2021.

Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian were best friends with OJ Simpson and Nicole Simpson back in the day and gained fame during Simpson's famous murder trial. However, it wasn't until their daughter Kim's infamous sex tape was leaked that the Kardashian family gained real fame. Now every member of the Kardashian and Jenner clan are the most famous people in the world.

Not only do they have one of the most successful reality TV shows, but they are also successful businesses worth millions.

With millions of followers on social media and multiple businesses, the family is finally saying farewell after 20 seasons. 

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In an interview with Good Morning Vogue, Kim Kardashian shared some details about filming the final season. 

"We didn't expect it to go on this long. We all went back and forth and we made the decision last minute and quickly. So, it was an emotional decision, but we all felt like it was the right decision."

Watch the interview here: 

Last year, Kris Jenner revealed to Ryan Seacrest why they decided to end the show. 

"I think the number 20 used to sound good until 2020, but the number 20 just seemed like the right time I think for us to take a minute and breath and everybody slow down a bit - figure out what our next steps are."

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"We've had such an amazing run and we're so grateful for every single moment and everyone we work with," Jenner continued.

Listen to her interview with Ryan Seacrest below:  

Watch the trailer for the final season below: 

Season 20 premieres on Sunday, 21 March at 19:05 on E! (DStv 124).

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Image: YouTube/ Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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