"I've relocated" - Bonang moves to New York

"I've relocated" - Bonang moves to New York

Taking to social media, Bonang Matheba let her fans know she has relocated to New York.

Bonang Matheba
Jacaranda FM/ Wesley Rhode

South Africa's biggest celebrity, Bonang Matheba, recently announced that she has moved to New York. 

Fans have been asking her where she has been - and she mentioned that they must check out her Instagram Stories. The media personality revealed that she has relocated to New York. 

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Matheba was seen on her Instagram Stories not so long ago receiving a COVID-19 vaccination. In the video, a nurse is seen prepping Matheba's arm and saying: ”That’s good, relax that arm. Alright, here we go. One small step for mankind."

Her fans were saddened that she did not mention her relocation or that she did not say goodbye. They asked her how she could leave without saying goodbye. Matheba responded with: “Say goodbye to who?!”

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Image Credit: Jacaranda FM/ Wesley Rhode

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