Johannesburg Pornstar, Dungeon Master and Swingers join the Scenic Drive with Rian

Johannesburg Pornstar, Dungeon Master and Swingers join the Scenic Drive with Rian

The Love Sex Expo is around the corner and the Scenic Drive invited some exotic guests! 

Love Sex Expo
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The Love Sex Expo is a four-day event that promises to be packed with the best entertainment and workshops that will be having exciting talks  - and you get to do some shopping!

The Scenic Drive invited a few exotic guests to talk about everything love and sex. 

Max The Entertainer (Pornstar)

Max The Entertainer is a 40-year-old man from Johannesburg who is a popular pornstar. He is also a father of 11 children.

In 2009, Max started starring in porn videos and today he is proud of his succesful career in the porn industry. His family and friends are aware that he is a pornstar but he is not shy about it. 

Who I AM (Dungeon Master)

Who I Am is part of Club Rome UBDSM staff and also a Dungeon Master. Dungeon Masters control plays in dungeons. They ensure all plays are safe, they also teach and train other members different types of plays and how to do it correctly. 

Who I Am also does plays to members who requested flogging, robe work, spanking, wax and knife play. It's also the job of a Dungeon Master to provide the setting for the players' fictional characters, create goals for the characters to accomplish, and to fill any supporting roles needed for the adventure.

The ultimate goal of a Dungeon Master is to provide a fun and satisfying challenge for the players to overcome.

Willie and Mariette Oosthuizen (Owners of Swingers Club called Club Rome)

Club Rome is a respectable club where people can enjoy themselves while being sexually active with other people. This club helps different people to explore and to experience.

Club Rome, is by invite only. People who are interested can read more about the elite club on their site (link the website). If you are approved, the webmaster will send you an invite on your registered (and confirmed) email address.

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