Knitted Knockers: Hand-knitted breast prostheses for women

Knitted Knockers: Hand-knitted breast prostheses for women

Have you heard of Knitted Knockers? Volunteer knitter Kerry-Anne spoke to the Scenic Drive about the life-changing project. 

Knitted Knockers
Knitted Knockers

Knitted Knockers are hand-knitted breast prostheses for women who have undergone mastectomies or similar breast procedures.

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Knitted Knockers are softer and lighter than any other prosthesis, much more comfortable to wear, and placed in any regular bra. The knitted fabric breathes and prevents the heat rash and discomfort experienced by many women wearing silicone ones.

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Knitted Knockers are made by volunteer knitters worldwide, and now the movement has spread to South Africa.

A volunteer knitter, Kerry-Anne, has been knitting voluntarily for almost four years. 

She has knitted over 100 knockers. 

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"Breast prosthetics are expensive, not readily available to all women and some are very uncomfortable. You get to journey with someone and make a real difference in their life. It is a short project that makes a big difference."

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