Leanne Manas shares her victory with late friend Vuyo Mbuli

Leanne Manas shares her victory with late friend Vuyo Mbuli

Veteran news anchor Vuyo Mbuli may have passed away, but he will not be forgotten.

Leanne Manas
Twitter/ Leanne Manas

The late Vuyo Mbuli, a well-known South African television personality and news presenter, was a news anchor at the SABC and was known especially for presenting the flagship show 'Morning Live' with Leanne Manas.

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It has been nine years since Vuyo Mbuli died in a tragic accident. Leanne Manas, who worked alongside Vuyo Mbuli on the morning show 'Morning Live', still finds it difficult to envision her life without him.

Manas frequently uses social media to memorialise and honour the late Mbuli. This time was no exception, as Manas recently earned a major victory when she bagged the French National Order of Merit Award for her contribution to South African journalism.

Manas wrote: "You would’ve been very proud my friend. Nine years today and I still miss you so much."

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Manas has been the only one who has remained consistent while honouring her late and former co-worker, friend, and television and news anchor, Mbuli. This just goes to demonstrate how special their attachment, chemistry, and deep friendship was. 

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Fans and followers have also made their sincere memories known about the late Mbuli.

Danica Khumalo wrote: "I remember the day after he had passed, no one in the studio could keep a straight face. Everyone looked like they wanted to cry. Some cried especially that weather lady. I cried with her."

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